Policies & Procedures

Requests for bookings must be accompanied by a description of the proposed research well in advance of the anticipated start date. Booking requests should be done through Susan Foster, Media Technician by calling 416-736-5014 or via e-mail at qrrc@yorku.ca.

Please note the Centre is intended to facilitate particular pedagogical or curriculum goals in research-based courses. It cannot be used as regular classroom space. Please notify us of cancellations as soon as possible. We often have a waiting list that we try to accommodate when possible.

Note: While bookings are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis we strive to be flexible to meet individual needs and requirements. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee acceptance. Once we have received your request we will inform you as to the availability of the dates and times you have requested.

Proposals should include the following:

1. The purpose of the study.
2. Description of the study design and methodology along with an explanation of how the centre facilities fit into this design.
3. Funding sources if applicable, i.e. SSHRC, NSHERC, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies grant, etc.
4. Anticipated duration of the study with start and end dates.
5. Resources required:

  • use of resource room
  • technical assistance and nature of that assistance
  • equipment required
  • research consultation with the centre director

6. Principal Investigator of the study, including a contact phone number, campus office, and e-mail address.
7. Research Assistants' names, phone numbers, & e-mail addresses.
8. Departmental Contact name, phone number, & e-mail.
Principal Investigators are required to inform the Qualitative Research Centre Director or Media Technician of any change in personnel or research design, i.e. new research assistants, change in methodology, etc. Notification must include the relevant information and details describing changes.